How to Type a Shark on Facebook?

Answer Punctuation has long been used to help writers express themselves more clearly. Commas often indicate a thoughtful pause and periods the end of a thought. Today, typing a combination of punctuation... Read More »

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How to Make a Shark on Facebook?

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The Type of Teeth of the Hammerhead Shark?

There are many varieties of shark teeth. Some are wide and triangular, while others are thin and pointed, like a blade. Others are cone-shaped or even flat. Hammerhead sharks bear one of the most f... Read More »

How to Send a Shark on Facebook Chat?

With Facebook chat, you can talk to people on your friends list in real time if they are online. Since Facebook launched its chat feature in 2008, new emoticons have been added to help you better e... Read More »

Why is facebook marked as misspelled on facebook if you type it in a post?

Probably Something to Do With Spell Check may have Some Glitchs