How to Type a Blank Message on IM?

Answer Instant messenger (IM) services, such as AIM, Yahoo Messenger and Gmail Chat, let you keep in contact with friends, family members and colleagues without needing to call or meet up with those peopl... Read More »

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What type of blank CD's do I need to burn photos?

Any is good. CD-R is good for photos. However CD-R's are write only. Meaning that you cant go back and delete something or add something.CD-RW's are re writable, so you can go back to delete or add... Read More »

My printer display is blank, and only printing blank sheets?

A ink cartridge or cartridges maybe low, empty or possibly cloggedFirst step is to see will if it print a test pageGo to Start, settings, printers. Right click on the printer, properties, print tes... Read More »

I already replace my black cartridge why its still ha ve a message to replace the blank cartridge?

I think that the cartridge has been refilled.

What is the difference between a blank CD and a blank DVD?

Blank CDs and DVDs are discs that store information. The information is written by spinning the disc over a laser. That information can then be "read" by any laser-based device capable of decoding ... Read More »