How to Twitter on a Palm Treo 755P?

Answer Twitter is a free social networking platform that enables members to send short, real-time text updates for followers to observe. Twitter updates, or "tweets," are limited to 140 characters and may... Read More »

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How to Reset a Treo 755P?

The Treo 755p is a smartphone made by Palm that allows you to send and receive calls, texts, pictures and email. If your device begins to operate unpredictably, you may need to perform one of three... Read More »

How do I use a Treo 755p as a modem?

Download software for Treo 755p as ModemCheck if you have Palm Desktop and HotSync Manager v4.2 installed, which should have come with your Treo 700p CD. Ensure you have one of the mobile service p... Read More »

Does the 755p Treo support Windows?

The Palm Treo 755p does support Windows. According to Pen Computing Magazine, the phone comes with built-in versions of Microsoft Push technology and Google maps. Microsoft Push technology is a p... Read More »

How do I delete the browser cache on a Treo 755P?

Open Web Browser SettingsClick the "Menu" button while using the browser on the Treo 755P. Select "Options", and then "Preferences". Select the "Advanced" tab in the preferences window.Clear CacheP... Read More »