How to Twist Your Natural Hair Without it Locking?

Answer In an effort to avoid the damaging effects caused by chemicals in the hair, natural hair styles are becoming increasingly popular among women of color. More and more women are discovering the versa... Read More »

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How to Do a Natural Twist in a Kid's Hair?

Getting a child's hair to twist naturally can be a stylish way to keep her hair neat and tidy. It also gives the child a chance to express herself with an edgy look that will be envied by her peers... Read More »

How to Twist Your Natural Hair?

If you prefer your hair's natural texture to having it chemically straightened, you can twist it into a basic two-strand style that lends itself to easy maintenance and a variety of styling options... Read More »

How to a Quick Twist Out On Natural Hair?

If you have natural hair you may love the fullness and curl definition that a twist out provides. However, as your hair grows in thicker and longer, it will take longer to twist your hair in indivi... Read More »

How to Flat Twist Natural Hair?

Flat-twisting natural (non-chemical straightened) hair is similar to french-braiding. French-braiding used three strands of hair compared to flat-twists which only uses two. Flat-twists are a versa... Read More »