How to Twirl a Pencil With Your Fingers?

Answer While it may look like an activity done to stave off boredom, spinning a pencil between your fingers is actually a type of juggling. Spinning a pencil is a type of contact juggling as your hands ne... Read More »

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If you wipe off your penis with sperm on it with your fingers then your fingers have sperm on them and you wipe it off on your boxers and you rub a girl's vagina can she get pregnant?

How do you prefer to eat your fish and chips with your fingers, knife and fork, or with one of those tiny?

With my fingers as they were meant to be eaten. AND, as an American, with tarter sauce and ketchup

How is the best way to apply foundation with your fingers or with a sponge?

use finger to apply then use those oil botter to even it out

How to Put Your Hair up With a Pencil?

Have you ever seen someone grab a pencil and put their hair up with it? Or seen someone use those cool hairsticks? Here's how to do it yourself. We're assuming a righty here, but if you're a lefty,... Read More »