How to Turn or Replace Rotors?

Answer The brake rotors on your car work together with the calipers and brake pads to slow and stop your vehicle. The calipers convert hydraulic force to friction with the assistance of the brake pads. Th... Read More »

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Why Should I Turn Rotors?

Turning a brake rotor is a process in which a machinist smoothes the surfaces of the rotor that is contacted by the brake pads. Consumers should understand when a brake rotor can and cannot be turn... Read More »

Can you turn slotted rotors?

On One Hand: Turning OptionThe short answer is yes, slotted rotors can be turned and resurfaced by a regular brake lathe. Caution needs to be taken, though, to use light cuts with the lathe to prev... Read More »

When Should I Turn Brake Rotors?

Disc brake-equipped automobiles have brake rotors, or discs. Some vehicles are equipped with front disc brakes and rear drum brakes, and others have four-wheel disc brakes. A few simple methods can... Read More »

Do I Have to Turn Rotors When Changing Pads?

The quick and easy answer to the question is "no." However, this answer is relative to the reason why the pads are being replaced. If the disc brake system has been functioning properly and the pad... Read More »