How to Turn on a CPU Fan Manually in an Averatec?

Answer Averatec is a low-cost laptop producer based in California and owned by South Korean computer manufacturer TG Sambo. Your Averatec laptop uses a fan to cool the central processing unit or CPU. The ... Read More »

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How to Manually Turn on a Radiator Fan?

Modifying the radiator fan to turn on manually is usually done because something in the system is not working properly, and the vehicle owner does not want to replace a part, usually due to the exp... Read More »

Should you turn your PC monitor off manually?

I heard very often that is was better to keep the monitor in standby mode. It prevents the "stress" generate when reopening it. When in standby mode, the electronic "slowly" wakes. I've worked in e... Read More »

How to Turn an iPod on Manually?

Your Apple iPod is designed to turn itself on and off automatically, but you can manually force the iPod to turn itself on, off and restart by using special key combinations programmed into the dev... Read More »

How to Manually Turn Off a Check Engine Light?

The check engine light on your vehicle indicates a serious problem with either the emissions system, engine or fuel systems on your vehicle. Do not ignore this warning. These systems all use sensor... Read More »