How to Turn on Your iPod When It's Dead?

Answer IPod provide considerable entertainment, but they do not last forever. Your iPod battery will wear out and it will be dead. Though you cannot turn it on without power, you will not have to wait for... Read More »

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Why when your ipod is attached to your iPod radio it turns but when its not hooked up to it it dont turn?

Unfourtunately, you can't, you will have to reenter the data.

What should you do when your ipod touch turns off and wont turn back on?

First, check to make sure the batteries are fully charged. Then trying holding the power button on for more than 5 seconds, attempting a full cold boot maybe. If that is not successful, then you pr... Read More »

When you turn on your iPod should it come back exactly where you turned it off?

I think that all iPods should but unfortunatly not all do. It all depends on the model.

What does it mean when your ipod shuffle slowly blinks a green light won't turn on and isn't showing up in my computer or itunes?

You might want to get ahold of the manufacture and get it replaced or serviced. It's most likely dead, probably the battery is defective.