How to Turn on Your Pretty Boy Swag?

Answer Justin Bieber is a great example of someone who has pretty boy swag.Do you want to get girls? This is a guide on how to turn on your pretty boy swag to get any girl out there.

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Is it possible that a ugly person can turn into a pretty person?

definitely your body is still awkward at 16, a lot of girls become very beautiful in their 20's

Girls: when you wear a skirt, pretty bra or underwear, lacy top, or pretty makeup, is it because...?

If a girl is pretty does the fact that she is dark-skinned make her not pretty enough?

no but everyone is attracted to different kinds of ppl...

What Is a Swag Bag?

Swag bags historically referred to burglarized content in a sack that was swung haphazardly over-the shoulder after a heist. The modern connotation is much more appealing. It is an adult goodie bag... Read More »