How to Turn off an SRS Light?

Answer The supplemental restraint system, or SRS, is more commonly known as the airbag system. The SRS light will come on when the airbags are not working properly. In some instances, the light will come ... Read More »

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Fridge works,but light doesn't turn on when you open the door. How can I make the light turn on again?

Maybe the lightbulb is loose. Mine always is. Just try screwing it in a little tighter. If that doesn't work, replace the bulb. (:

Pilot light is on but flames wont light when you turn up the thermostat?

This question is not specific enough for a good answer. What is the appliance? A furnace? A cooktop burner? An oven? The first thing to check would be the igniter, which is what typically "lights"... Read More »

How Do I Wire a Double Light Switch Combo to Turn on My Light and Fan?

Wiring two light switches to control a fan and light is a simple project that even the rank beginner can complete successfully. The hardest part of this project will be routing the 12/3 w/Gr. Romex... Read More »

We all know right turn on red is legal, but is a red light left turn at a one-way intersection legal?

it depends on the state youre in. for the most part though, id go w/it being illegal (at least it is in va, md, and pa). i wouldnt take the chance of doing it if i were you.