How to Turn an iMac Into a Router?

Answer Apple's Intel-based iMac series of computers feature two network interfaces built in, including wired and wireless Ethernet. Apple iMacs can be expanded with additional USB-based network interfaces... Read More »

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Setting Up a Router on an iMac?

Airport, built in software on all modern iMacs, allows user to connect to the Internet wirelessly when a Wi-Fi router is in range. Use a Mac-compatible router and set up a password for it so you ca... Read More »

Does an iMac computer work with a Linksys router?

An iMac will work with hard-wired and wireless Linksys routers. The wireless AirPort card inside the iMac and every model of wireless Linksys routers adhere to 802.11, a universal wireless standard... Read More »

Does an iMac computer work with a Linkys router?

Current iMacs can use most networking hardware, including Linksys routers, allowing Mac users to make use of any available networks, including the Internet. This is possible due to Apple having pre... Read More »

For my graduation I am going to get an iMac. For owners of the iMac: Are you satisfied with the iMac?

My iMac is awesome. It is a 2GHz processor with 3GB memory. The screen is wonderful and very high-quality, and the operating system, of course, is the best in the business. You will love your iMac.... Read More »