How to Turn an Image Into the Background of Another in Gimp?

Answer If you have two great pictures -- such as a picture of a person and another of a nature scene -- you can merge them together for an artistic effect. Using GIMP, a free image editing program, you ca... Read More »

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How to Use the Gimp Eraser Tool to Remove an Image Background?

Sometimes, you have a great shot...well, part of it is great...but the background kinda...bites. There are different things that you can can blur the background or remove it entirely. That... Read More »

How can I resize an image on GIMP without the image going blurry?

To resize a small image to a larger image without distortion, the smaller image must be a very high quality image. That means the smaller image needs to be made at a DPI of at least 300 DPI. Prett... Read More »

How to Replace a Background With GIMP?

Whether you want that family picture you took in the mountains to show you on the beach or you need to remove a greenscreen to show a model in New York City, the GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIM... Read More »

Gimp as youtube background?

Youtube accepts jpeg images.To save a jpeg from GIMP click File > Export > give your file a new name and end with the extension .jpg then hit export - when the export as jpeg dialog appears, reduce... Read More »