How to Turn an Attic into Usable Space?

Answer Many people view their attics as storage space, but if the attic is large enough, it can be used for other purposes, such as a bedroom, an office or a studio. If the attic is unfinished, however, y... Read More »

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What is the usable space on a 640 GB hard drive?

596.16 GB is the total space u get on a 640 GB HDD....excluding being occupied by O/S

How much usable space is on a 320gb hard drive?

When you install a 320 GB hard drive in your computer, Windows will report that the drive has 298.02 GB of usable space. This is because hard drive manufacturers use decimal measurements, and the o... Read More »

How to Run TV Cables in Wall Spaces from the Attic or Basement Space?

Install coaxial cable (cable TV or satellite TV cables) concealed in wall spaces from non-living spaces above or below. These methods will work for any cable - telephone, network, thermostat, power... Read More »

Can an Attic Be Counted as Living Space for Selling Purposes?

When you are selling your home, you try to promote as many amenities as possible. From a well-manicured lawn area to energy efficient areas, the more attractive you make your home to a potential bu... Read More »