How to Turn an Aquarium Into an Ecosystem?

Answer An ecosystem is the complex relationship between the living and non-living within an environment. The typical aquarium start-up kit, with colorful gravel, a couple of plastic plants and a ceramic p... Read More »

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Should I turn my aquarium lights off at night?

It is best to turn off the aquarium lights at night unless plants that require more light than the daylight hours provide are planted in the tank. Prolonged exposure to light can be unhealthy for m... Read More »

Why does the water turn yellow in a fish aquarium?

There are several sources of pollutants that can cause aquarium water to turn yellow, from decaying waste to uneaten fish food. Keeping water clean for fish is an important part of using an aquariu... Read More »

How to Make an Aquarium Into a Gerbil Cage?

Aquariums work for gerbils too!Contrary to hamsters, gerbils thrive much better if they live in a glass aquarium that most people use to keep their pet fish in. Because gerbils love digging in thei... Read More »

Does sunburn turn later turn into a tan?

No! That is a common misconception! Actually your sunburn is healing, and the tan healthy skin underneath is what you are seeing. Overexposure of any kind is very unhealthy and increases your ch... Read More »