How to Turn an Anti-Theft Device Off on a 2006 Envoy?

Answer Anti-theft systems can be installed on most GMC cars, including the 2006 Envoy. These systems are programmed to remotes that are used to control your door locks, your panic alarm and your trunk rel... Read More »

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How to Choose an Anti-theft Device?

Any car is vulnerable to theft. But certain precautions will make your car more of a challenge, which may send the thief looking for easier pickings elsewhere.

How to Choose an Anti theft Device?

Auto theft is a billion dollar business, despite the fact that nearly 25 percent of all drivers claim to have some type of anti-theft device installed on their cars. Even though they are not foolpr... Read More »

How to Reset the Anti Theft Device on a 2002 Ford E?

Your vehicle's anti-theft device protects you, but accidental alarms can keep you and the whole neighborhood awake at night. If you know the right sequence of actions to carry out, you can reset yo... Read More »

How to Install a Steering Wheel Anti-Theft Device?

As anti-theft provisions are made each year, thieves too come up with new ways to break them. It is important to take great measures to protect your vehicle. Although no anti-theft device is 100 pe... Read More »