How to Turn a Pagoda Into a Japanese Tea House?

Answer A traditional Japanese tea house is made from natural material, with rice straw used as flooring and wood and rice paper used for walls. The paper allows soft light into the room. The tea house is ... Read More »

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What is a Japanese pagoda?

With its tiered towers and multiple eaves, the Japanese pagoda is one of the most recognized forms of architecture throughout Asia. The mystical structures were often built as temples for worship o... Read More »

What is the purpose of a Japanese pagoda?

Buddhism has manifested itself in Japan with many cultural achievements. One of these is a traditional form of temple known as the pagoda. These towers are three to five stories tall, with each fl... Read More »

Garden Plants for a Japanese Tea House?

The aim of the Chianwa style of Japanese garden is to lead you not only to the tea house but into a state of tranquility. Pathways wander through bits of greenery and over koi-filled ponds. A stone... Read More »

Do the Japanese wear house slippers?

It is indeed traditional in Japan to wear slippers inside the house. When entering a house, people take off their outside shoes in an alcove by the front door and put on slippers. Additionally, dif... Read More »