How to Turn a Cell Phone On & Off?

Answer The power button on your cell phone is either a distinct key, or a shared function key. Phones that have a shared function button almost always have the Power and End Call functions on the same key... Read More »

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How to Turn a Cell Phone Into a Remote for the PC?

Bluetooth is a wireless technology that uses radio frequencies to connect devices without the use of any cables. It's used to exchange data over short distances between devices such as cell phones,... Read More »

Can you turn off the GPRS of your cell phone?

How Do I Turn a Cell Phone on When it Has a Lock Display?

Cell phones often have one of two locks preventing you from using them when. The first is a security lock, keeping your phone safe if it is lost or stolen. The unauthorized user will not be able to... Read More »

How can you turn off your cell phone voicemail for a few days?

Voicemail does not run on your phone. It is hosted back at the phone company's office. Check with your cell service provider, they should be able to help you.