How to Turn a Book Into a Picture Frame?

Answer Search the basement, the attic or the back of the bookshelves for an old book that has not been opened for years. Make sure that it isn't a valuable antique or first edition! Follow the steps below... Read More »

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Is it possible to freeze a frame from a DVD or VHS & turn it into a picture?

You can actually do this several ways, but if you don't have a DVD drive in your computer, you can do it using a basic DVD (or VHS for tapes) player and a video capture device like this one: http:/... Read More »

Picture frame doesnot turn on .Plugged adapter in other out let checked computer plug in. Still won't work?

Try the display with another computer, or go to a technical, but I think your video panel is damaged.

How to Make an Easy Window Screen Frame Using a Picture Frame?

Piecing together wood or metal pieces for a frame is the most difficult part of making a window screen, but if you already have a sturdy wooden frame from a picture or painting, the hard part is do... Read More »

How can I get a picture off that is stuck to the glass of the picture frame?

vinegar, hairspray.anything with alcohol in it.put it on a cloth and soak the sticker,hold the cloth on the sticker.until you see that it was,soaked,then start scraping it off be careful you don't ... Read More »