How to Turn a 454 Engine Into a 502 Engine?

Answer Changing a 454 cubic inch engine into a 502 cubic inch engine requires making the combustion chambers bigger by boring metal from the cylinder walls or lengthening the distance the pistons travel. ... Read More »

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Why Won't the Engine Coolant Go Back Into the Radiator When the Engine Cools Down?

A car's radiator does its job of cooling the engine by forcing the coolant/water mixture through the cooling system and into the engine in a cycle, bringing the coolant temperature down before cycl... Read More »

How do you turn on a locomotive's engine?

The specifics shouldn't be discussed, as there is no "key", but after properly positioning a number of electrical switches, when starting, there are two electric, 72 volt, 400 amp starter motors th... Read More »

How to Turn Off GMC Engine Light?

The check engine light in GMC vehicles is designed to illuminate in order to notify the driver that a problem exists within the engine. The powertrain control module (PCM) actively monitors an exte... Read More »

How to Turn Off an Engine Light on a Mazda?

You can turn off the check engine light yourself manually on your Mazda. When the light illuminates on the instrument panel, it is telling you that there is a problem with the valves, solenoids or ... Read More »