How to Turn Your iPhone on When It Dies?

Answer Several iPhone functions and apps can cause the battery to drain quickly: Wi-Fi, Safari, notifications, badges, pushing email, and more. Alternatively, your iPhone may power off as the result of a ... Read More »

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Why does your iphone get warm then the battery dies when its in standbye?

It depends. If you UNLOCK it and put a new SIM in: No. If you just JAILBREAK it: Yes, yes you do.

When you press your volume buttons on your iphone 4 it opens the phone how do you turn that off?

Depending on what iOS you have it varies, if both iPhone 4 and 3GS had iOS5 the only difference would be not having the switch camera button in the Camera App and FaceTime.

What do you do when your iphone wont turn on?

1. Check the battery. 2. Take it back to the vendor. 3. Replace it. Also, make sure it is charged. Plug it in and recharge it for awhile and see if that helps.

How to Recharge an iPhone When the Battery Dies?

If you've used your iPhone until the battery has completely drained, the screen flashes a red battery icon with an image of an electrical plug to signify it is time to recharge it. The iPhone comes... Read More »