How to Turn Your Pants Black?

Answer When you need a pair of black pants but do not want to buy a new pair, consider dyeing a pair that you already own. You can achieve a good result with plain-colored, natural fiber pants, especially... Read More »

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Is it okay to wear black leggings as pants if the top covers your butt?

Yes, I see people doing that all the time. Long shirt and fine. If people in your area don't do that, maybe you'll inspire a trend :)

Can you get pregnant if you have your panties on and your BF has his pyajama pants and briefs on when having dry sex and he got his pants slightly wet?

Very unlikely. But you guys better be careful. I see birth control in you future....

Why did your glue stick turn black?

because it caught an STD when you stuck it in someone

Do black braces turn your teeth yellow?