How to Turn Your Car Trunk Into a Dresser?

Answer While suitcases making moving clothing and personal items easier, they often cause a wrinkled wardrobe. Numerous people often do not have the time when on a trip or moving to iron each article of c... Read More »

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How can I prevent my t-shirts from picking up a funny odor in my dresser drawer I'm told my dresser is maple?

I would buy some drawer liners. They come in beautiful colors and prints and have a nice feminine scent. This would keep your clothes from laying on the wood. You could also tuck some new dryer she... Read More »

What does 75-8-67 mean on a dresser?

75-8-67 on a dresser is referring to its measurements. The 75 represents the dresser's width in inches. The 8 represents the number of drawers, and the 67 refers to the height of the dresser.Resour... Read More »

How to Organize Your Dresser?

Oik! So cluttered!If your dresser is a clutter mess then this might just help you!

How to Clean the Top of Your Dresser?

Clean DresserCleaning the top of your dresser is essential to your health. Even though it seems silly, all that dust can cause severe allergies. Also, clutter on top of your dresser is the focus of... Read More »