How to Turn Your Car Trunk Into a Dresser?

Answer While suitcases making moving clothing and personal items easier, they often cause a wrinkled wardrobe. Numerous people often do not have the time when on a trip or moving to iron each article of c... Read More »

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How can I prevent my t-shirts from picking up a funny odor in my dresser drawer I'm told my dresser is maple?

I would buy some drawer liners. They come in beautiful colors and prints and have a nice feminine scent. This would keep your clothes from laying on the wood. You could also tuck some new dryer she... Read More »

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How to Turn Your Office Cubicle Into Your Personal Sanctuary?

The office cubicle has long been regarded as a cold, impersonal place to work. The film, “Office Space” nailed the environment of the work cube as being intrusive, confining and pedestrian. Alt... Read More »

How to Turn Your XP Into a Mac?

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