How to Turn Off the Shield on My Computer?

Answer Antivirus software programs configure "shields" to block viruses and other malware and keep a computer's hard drive free from infection. Sometimes these shields are too active and keep files and pr... Read More »

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What does the star and shield represent on the CIA shield?

If I turn my computer off for 2 weeks will it still have all info on when I turn it back on?

Is using the Turn Off button to turn off your computer harmful?

I don't recommend it. Holding it in for 8 seconds to shut it off can't be good for your motherboard, and power supply. It's also not good for the hard drive, as Windows could become corrupt. Just p... Read More »

When I turn my computer on it won't turn on.?

I got a new laptop for my birthday and I turned it on first and it worked but the second time it didnt work at all. I had to take it back and replace it for another one