How to Turn Off the Noises That iTunes Makes?

Answer Apple's iTunes software allows users to download, manage and sync music, movies and podcasts. The program is designed to make a sound when the program has been launched, or an action has been compl... Read More »

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My tv makes noises like creaking noises all night?

Why is there crackiling noises when you turn your lcd tv on?

You didn't specify what type of LCD TV you have, whether it's a thinline or an LCD projection set. If it's a projection set, there's an item in your TV called a lamp ballast, which is used to igni... Read More »

Cat Makes Coughing Noises?

Regardless of the underlying reason, your cat makes coughing noises because its throat, airways or lungs are being irritated. If your cat has a cough for more than 24 hours, or if it has something ... Read More »

My Refrigerator Makes Creaking Noises?

Refrigerators, while often regarded as silent appliances, can seem noisy if you sit and listen to them throughout the course of the day. With all of its hidden moving parts, the refrigerator makes ... Read More »