How to Turn Off the Auto-Save in "Corel Draw"?

Answer If you've ever accidentally closed your graphics program after spending hours tweaking an image, you know how valuable an auto-save feature can be. By default, CorelDRAW automatically saves the ima... Read More »

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Does a computer really draw a lot of electricity Is it better to turn them off or leave them on to save $?

i think its better to leave them on, as most modern computers have a sleep mode that is designed for just that purpose. besides if you constantly turn computers on and off, the initial power on mak... Read More »

How do I Use Corel Draw 11?

Corel Draw 11, released in July 2002, offers users a sophisticated range of graphical tools. The program is simple and straightforward, suited to beginners and advanced users.

How to Learn Corel Draw 11?

Corel Draw 11 is a computer program that you can use to make drawings, pictures or logos. It is different from other drawing programs because it uses vector graphics. Most other programs use bitmap... Read More »

Can you do animations in Corel Draw?

Yes, you can create animations with the Corel Draw graphic design software program, including animations that use Flash technology. The software program is also used to make a variety of other proj... Read More »