How to Turn Off Sound in Quicken 2009?

Answer The Quicken 2009 financial management software comes packaged with a set of sounds that activate upon certain actions and events within the program. The sounds can be turned on and off based on use... Read More »

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Can you import data from Quicken 2008 for Windows to Quicken 2007 for Mac?

Quicken 2007 for Mac can import data from Quicken 2008 for Windows once that data has been exported to QIF (Quicken Interchange Format) files on your Windows computer. Quicken provides step-by-step... Read More »

How to connect home theater and have tv sound with receiver off and turn receiver on when I want HT sound?

all you have to do is,on your cable box, output 1, make an A/V connection with your tv,for video use the component(red,blue,green) video connection(you will use the hdmi out for the HT connection) ... Read More »

How do I turn off Antivirus 2009?

Download the Anti-Malware program by Malwarebytes (see Resources). Close all other windows open on your desktop and install the Anti-Malware program by clicking on the .exe file you downloaded. Fol... Read More »

How do you turn sound on your iphone4?

Go to your setting Privacy Click reset my phone WARNING:it will delete all you app store accounts,also all of your apps you downloaded all of your contacts and all of you messages #ilovebeingme