How to Turn Off Exponent Mode on a TI-83?

Answer When you enable scientific notation on your TI-83 graphing calculator, all of the answers to your equations are displayed as exponents. This can be an annoyance, especially if the answers to your e... Read More »

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How to Calculate the Mode of an Exponent?

In algebra, exponents are often used as a shorthand way to describe a very big number. For example, the number "one million" contains six zeroes. Rather than write out all of these zeroes, you can ... Read More »

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How turn Off Hotel Mode on a lg TV?

From ir remote: push MENU button for 5 seconds, type 1105 and press OK. Now you have a special menu and you can modify the settings or disable hotel mode. Same procedure for come back and modify or... Read More »

How to Turn Off Vivid Mode on Plasma TV?

Plasma television sets have different picture "modes" or settings that affect the brightness and colors of the programming you watch on that television. One mode, known as "Vivid" or "Dynamic" mode... Read More »