How to Turn My Computer Into a Wireless Router?

Answer Even if you don't have a wireless router or modem in your house, you can configure your computer to broadcast a wireless signal. The resulting network is known as an "ad hoc" network. The remaining... Read More »

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How Do I Turn on the Wireless Network With a Netgear WGR-614 Wireless Router?

A Netgear wireless router allows you to use an Internet connection throughout your home or office without the hassle of a wired connection. The WGR-614 provides a fast connection and allows multipl... Read More »

Will a wireless router sync to direct TV when it is connected to a desktop computer that doesn't have a wireless card?

4kids is on channel 46 a.k.a. WXCW beginning at 7am. I couldn't find the answer anywhere so I had to look for it myself.

Do you have to have a wireless card to connect a desktop computer to a wireless router?

Yes, the wireless card is what picks up the signal from the router.

How to Turn on an AT&T Wireless Router?

AT&T provides telecommunications and wireless services to customers around the world, according to the company's website. On an average business day, the company carries 18.7 petabytes to its custo... Read More »