How to Turn Into a Vampire in the "Sims 3: Late Night"?

Answer If you've found yourself beguiled by Bridgeport's creatures of the night and want to join their ranks, you'll find that it's fairly easy to find an obliging vampire to turn you. Becoming a vampire ... Read More »

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How to Force Triplets in "Sims 3: Late Night"?

In the game "The Sims 3" and its expansion packs, including "Late Night," you are able to have multiple births. If you acquire the fertility treatment reward, you are able to have twins or triplets... Read More »

How to Become a Vampire in Sims 2?

Sunlight is a horrific thought for vampire Sims, but when nightfall arrives vampires are ready to dance the night away without any Need depletion (eating, sleeping, going to the bathroom, etc.) Thi... Read More »

How to Become a Vampire on Sims 2 by Cheating?

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How to Make a Zombie Vampire on the Sims 2?

Have you ever wanted to make a zombie and a vampire on the sims 2? Here's how.