How to Turn Gothic?

Answer For admirers of gothic subculture, much of the fascination is rooted in the intense fashion. People that follow the "goth" style tend to dress in moody black clothing and wear pale white foundation... Read More »

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How to Get a Gothic Guy to Like You If You're Not Gothic?

Have you ever had that crush on the guy in the corner, the one who is dark and mysterious? You want to approach him but looking down at your pink ballet flats and white lacy skirt, you realise that... Read More »

If approaching car has turn signal on when you are stopped, do you turn or wait to see if the car will turn t?

You should wait and never assume anything while driving....

What is the name/artist of the song 'Turn it up, turn it up, turn up the radio, NOW NOW NOW...'?

Electric Stiletto - Turn Up The RadioI was just looking for it too and found it :3

Gothic Art Features?

Gothic art, which spanned from the mid-12th century to the late 15th century, was first defined by Giorgio Vasari (1511-1574), who successfully cataloged Italian artists and their works in his comp... Read More »