How to Turn Book Covers Into Shin Guard Sleeves?

Answer Shin guards offer soccer players a padded form of protection. Worn under a knee-length sock, a shin guard is made with or without a stirrup that fits around the bottom of the foot, and with or with... Read More »

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How to Make Soccer Shin Guard Sleeves With Book Covers?

Shin guards provide soccer players protection from errant kicks and vicious cleats. Shin guards range from small bits of cardboard tucked behind socks to bulky padded systems that protect the shins... Read More »

How to Turn an Old Book Into a Clock?

You finally finished “Fifty Shades of Grey” and want to commemorate your life-changing reading experience. One way might be to turn your hardback novel into a clock. Rather than having the lite... Read More »

How to Turn a Book Into an Animated Show?

Adapting a book into an animated show is a considerable undertaking --- a complicated but rewarding experience. After choosing a book, you must secure the rights, recruit talent, make a budget and ... Read More »

How to Turn a Book Into a Picture Frame?

Search the basement, the attic or the back of the bookshelves for an old book that has not been opened for years. Make sure that it isn't a valuable antique or first edition! Follow the steps below... Read More »