How to Tune the Engine for the Kawasaki 440 Fireburst Snowmobile?

Answer The Kawasaki 440 Fireburst Snowmobile is a high-performance snowmobile that features an engine designed and built by John Deere. The Fireburst is versatile and rugged; however, it does need regular... Read More »

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How to Tune a Snowmobile Carburetor?

When you are out on your snowmobile riding and you notice that something is preventing the engine from performing at its optimal level, you prepare yourself for the worst case scenario. Although th... Read More »

How to Break in a New Snowmobile Engine?

There's always been a lot of debate on how to properly break in a new snowmobile. Many people will tell you to "ride it as you always would" and it will be fine. If you take their advice you'll be... Read More »

How to Unseize a Snowmobile Engine?

Engines that are left unused for extended periods of time have a tendency to "seize up" when you attempt to start them. Un-seizing a snowmobile engine is like un-seizing any other type of engine. A... Read More »

How much does it cost to rebuild a snowmobile engine?

In 2008, an estimated cost to rebuild a three-cylinder snowmobile engine was $811, including parts and labor. For a smaller two-cylinder snowmobile engine, this estimated rebuild cost was $514. Act... Read More »