How to Tune an Outboard Motor?

Answer Proper compression, fuel and spark play the major roles in outboard engine performance. Outboard engines do not get the chance to coast like automobile engines; outboard motors run under load almos... Read More »

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How to Tune an Outboard Carburetor?

Tuning an outboard motor carburetor routinely will keep your engine running efficiently and give you better fuel economy. The outboard motor uses two adjustment screws on the top of the carburetor ... Read More »

How to Buy and Install an Outboard Motor?

Buying an outboard motor can be a large investment, and one which should last a long time. Choosing the right size and type is critical to getting the most enjoyment for your money.

How to Decarbonize an Outboard Motor?

Marine outboard motors which have been used for extended trolling and idling often build up carbon deposits inside the combustion chamber. Carbon deposits result from the incomplete burning of gaso... Read More »

DIY Outboard Motor Hoist?

You can make your own hoist for an outboard motor by utilizing the ceiling in your garage or the storage area for your boat. To do this, you can mount a chain hoist to the ceiling joists. This will... Read More »