How to Tune a Holley Electric Choke?

Answer The choke on a Holley carburetor controls the engine during a cold start, when the engine block is well below operating temperature. Holley carbs are equipped with either an electric choke, or a me... Read More »

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How to Set a Choke on a Holley Carburetor?

The electric or manual choke on the Holley carburetor functions like any other choke setup on similar vehicle carburetors. Cold engines need a rich mixture to allow the engine to warm up to proper ... Read More »

How to Adjust the Choke on a Holley Carburetor?

The choke on the Holley carburetor is designed to open or close the choke cap on the top of the carburetor barrel to make the engine run efficiently. The choke adjusts to the temperature of the eng... Read More »

How to Tune a Holley?

Holley carburetors are the preferred choices of street and track racers alike. A well-tuned Holley can transform your vehicle into a racing machine. As with all carburetors, tuning a Holley is rela... Read More »

How Do I Tune the Holley 750 Dbl?

A Holley 750 Double Pumper is a performance carburetor made for modified engines only. This carburetor is infinitely tunable to accommodate the particular modifications done to the engine. The adju... Read More »