How to Tune Your Engine for Altitude?

Answer As anyone who has drive between lowlands and mountains can tell you, cars drive differently in different altitudes. It is harder for humans to breath in higher altitudes, so imagine what it is doin... Read More »

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How to Tune Carburetors for Altitude?

Each carburetor system has a different jet size when it comes from the factory, but the goal of a stock carb is to operate at or near sea level. This is the standard for carburetor manufacturing, w... Read More »

At what altitude would an engine not start?

As long as plane engine is running U should be able to start an engine, so anywhere below 15k ASL U shouldbe able to start it up... but if U going to attempt it,I wanna film it...

How to Tune Up a Car Engine?

Ensuring that vehicles get the best gas mileage possible is an important issue in our economy. A thorough evaluation to see that the car is in good mechanical shape helps save money and can contrib... Read More »

How to Tune-Up a 4 Cyl. Engine?

Keeping your car in good mechanical shape is the key to a long life. This process begins with regular tune ups.