How to Tune Up a Chevy 2.8 V6?

Answer The Chevy 2.8 V-6 engine is commonly found in late 1980s Camaros. It is a fuel-injected engine; therefore, there are no carburetor adjustments. This engine uses a distributor, which should be atten... Read More »

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How to Tune up a 1988 Chevy 2.8 V6?

The General Motors' 60-degree, 2.8L V6 engine has become a popular off-road and racing motor among enthusiasts. Originally introduced in 1980, this motor was available in front and rear-wheel drive... Read More »

How to Do a Tune Up on a 95 Chevy Caprice?

Completing routine maintenance on your Caprice will ensure that your vehicle remains in top running condition for years to come. One of the basic maintenance projects for your vehicle is commonly k... Read More »

Chevy 261 Tune Up Specs?

Understanding the correct specifications for your 261-cubic-inch Chevy engine enables you to perform the correct tuneups and adjustments to the engine itself to keep it running in peak condition. A... Read More »

How to Tune a '95 Chevy Pickup?

Performing a tune-up on a 1995 Chevy pickup is necessary every 100,000 miles if your truck has platinum spark plugs. Otherwise, you should perform a tune-up every 24,000 miles. The tune-up consists... Read More »