How to Tune & Modify Carburetor Performance?

Answer Carburetors are still the equipment of choice for modified racing vehicles because of the ease and economy of modifying their performance capabilities. Unlike fuel injection systems, you can tune a... Read More »

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How to Modify a Carburetor?

The carburetor of a car works to integrate air and fuel for the internal combustion engine. The fuel is oxidized with the air in a combustion chamber. A carburetor that is too rich, meaning it has... Read More »

How to Modify a Holley 660 Carburetor?

The Holley 660, named like all Holley models, for its CFM (cubic feet per minute) air flow rating, can be modified in three primary ways. You may modify the flow pattern of the fuel and/or vacuum w... Read More »

How to Modify a Quadrajet to a Two-Barrel Carburetor?

Disabling the second set of throttle plates will effectively turn your four-barrel Quadrajet into a two-barrel, but approach with caution. The engine will use as much air and fuel as it needs; depr... Read More »

How to Modify a Holley 4165 Carburetor?

Holley modifications are nearly endless thanks to numerous aftermarket suppliers and Holley's famous modular design platform. Holley carburetors can be permanently modified to run alcohol instead o... Read More »