How to Troubleshoot the Windows in a 1998 Ford Taurus?

Answer Having electrically powered windows on your Ford Taurus is a great convenience, but in the event that the power windows fail to function correctly, it can be an equally irritating inconvenience. Th... Read More »

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How to Troubleshoot the Engine in a 1998 Ford Taurus?

Problems with 1998 Ford Taurus's engines could mean many things. Whether the symptoms are knocking noises, misfiring, the Taurus not starting or something else, a variety of causes could be suspect... Read More »

How to Grease a 1998 Ford Taurus?

Part of a vehicle's regular maintenance schedule involves oil changes, transmission flushes, tire rotation, tune-ups and lubrication. The lubrication process, commonly called greasing, includes all... Read More »

How to Remove a Battery From a 1998 Ford Taurus?

The 1998 Ford Taurus, like all Ford vehicles, is equipped with a standard cell automotive battery for use in starting the Taurus. The battery also provides micro charges for the power train control... Read More »

How to Flush the Transmission on a 1998 Ford Taurus?

The Ford Taurus is mid-size car manufactured by the Ford Motor Company. The Ford Taurus has been on the market since 1986, which makes it one of Ford's oldest models still in production. Over the y... Read More »