How to Troubleshoot the VICI Two Position Actuator Control Module?

Answer Multiport valve system use two-position actuators to switch flow between pairs of ports under manual, electronic or computer control. Valco Instruments Co., Inc. manufactures the VICI microelectric... Read More »

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How to Troubleshoot a Body Control Module?

Body control modules can be troublesome devices, especially when they make your vehicle do strange things as a result of the BCM malfunctioning. A BCM is defined as a computer component in a vehicl... Read More »

How to Know if a Control Module Is Bad?

Control modules on most vehicles are built to last the life of the vehicle. However, these components can fail prematurely due to a number of factors, including excess heat, movement, shock or mec... Read More »

What Is a Control Module?

The 2011 car market is one dominated by models equipped with engine computers. One of the most critical components of these engine systems is the control module. Problems with the module can presen... Read More »

What Is the Ignition Control Module on a Car?

An ignition coil is the coil in a vehicle's ignition system used to convert sufficient voltage to spark the spark plugs. The ignition control module helps manage the electrical current used by the ... Read More »