How to Troubleshoot an Engine Compression?

Answer After checking all the logical components in your vehicle engine, you still have not found the cause for the rough idle, the popping noises and probably the smoke coming out of the exhaust pipe. Ma... Read More »

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How to Use an Engine Compression Tester?

If your engine is not starting or it's turning over too fast, you may not have enough compression to complete the combustion process. To determine if your engine compression is low, you need to kno... Read More »

How to Calculate Engine Compression?

The compression of an engine is expressed in a ratio that says how many units of volume from the cylinder with the piston at the bottom dead center are squeezed into a unit of space in the compress... Read More »

Engine Compression Specifications?

A car or truck engine draws a fuel/air mixture into the combustion chamber and compresses it before firing; that is, the piston pushes the fuel/air mixture into the smallest space that can efficien... Read More »

What Should the Cylinder Compression Be for a Dodge 2.0 Engine?

The 2.0-liter engine found in Dodge and other Chrysler products is built by Mitsubishi, a Japanese company. It is available in two configurations, a double and singe overhead-camshaft design. To ge... Read More »