How to Troubleshoot an Auto Exhaust?

Answer Engine combustion produced by an air-fuel mixture creates waste gases that are expelled through an exhaust system. Exhaust gases contain hazardous substances such as carbon monoxide, which are filt... Read More »

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How to fix a leaking auto exhaust?

How to fix your car's exhaust in a way that is semi-permanent and inexpensive.

Auto Exhaust Components?

While vehicle exhaust systems come in different shapes and sizes, they all serve the same purpose -- to remove gas created by an operating engine. Although shape and size of exhaust systems differ ... Read More »

How to Troubleshoot Exhaust Rust?

A rusty exhaust can be cause for many serious exhaust problems. If your exhaust is so rusted that you can see through the exhaust piping, you will need to replace it. However, not all rusty exhaust... Read More »

How to Repair Smoky Auto Exhaust?

Basically there are three different kinds of smoky auto exhaust--blue smoke, white smoke or black smoke. The repairs you need to make to your car are vastly different depending on the color of the ... Read More »