How to Troubleshoot an Auto Battery?

Answer Car batteries can fail for number of different reasons. Sometimes people forget to turn the headlights off when they get to their destination and this drains the battery. This is a minor problem. T... Read More »

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How to Troubleshoot an Auto Battery Drain?

A battery drain is anything that is drawing power from the battery with the engine key off. There are several reasons why your car battery may not function, but two of the most common reasons for d... Read More »

How to Wire an Auto Generator to Charge an Auto Battery?

Most automobiles use alternators instead of generators to produce electricity to charge a battery as they are more efficient, require very little maintenance and produce a higher electrical output ... Read More »

Deep Cycle Battery Vs. Auto Battery?

Twelve-volt electrical systems often make use of lead-acid secondary cell batteries. Two types of batteries are typically used for a 12-volt electrical system -- automotive batteries and deep-cycle... Read More »

How to Troubleshoot an Auto CD Player?

Today's solid-state music options, like MP3 players, are a much better solution for playing music in the automobile. Mechanical music-distribution systems that solid-state has replaced, like the 8-... Read More »