How to Troubleshoot an Apex GT1417DV TV With DVD Player?

Answer The Apex GT1417DV is a 14-inch television with a built-in DVD player. Televisions with built-in DVD players are popular due to the space-saving convenience they provide and the ease of use without ... Read More »

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How to Program an Apex TV With a Sony DVD Player?

When using an Apex television, you are able to connect most standard-definition hardware to the set, including a Sony DVD player. With the connected DVD player, you can watch your favorite movies, ... Read More »

Emerson jumbo universal remote code for apex vcrdvd player?

Hooking Philips DVD player (progressive scan, if it matters) to Apex TV. What the heck am I missing?

Yellow = composite videored/white : stereo audioWith these cables you can't take advantage of the progressive out of your player. You should be using component cable (Red/Green/Blue) for video + r... Read More »

How to Troubleshoot an SPI MP3 Player With No Files?

The SPI MP3 player is a small, portable music player that does not have a built-in display screen (much like the iPod shuffle). The device allows you to move back and forth between songs, but canno... Read More »