How to Troubleshoot an ABS Sensor Light?

Answer The ABS sensor light in your vehicle comes on when the ABS, or anti-lock braking, malfunctions. Most ABS systems do not fail outright, but they can malfunction over time. Replacing the sensors can ... Read More »

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Can I add another sensor to a motion sensor outside light?

it can be done but would have to see your existing light to be able to tell you

How to Troubleshoot a Grand Prix ABS Light and Traction Control Light?

The anti-lock braking system (ABS) and Traction Control systems in your Grand Prix both use the ABS wheel-speed sensors and modulator valve assembly to control wheel slip. The ABS system monitors t... Read More »

Can a porch light be turned into a sensor light?

Yes, a porch light that uses standard light bulbs can easily be converted into a motion sensor-activated light. You'll need to buy a screw-in motion sensor, available at hardware and home improveme... Read More »

How to Troubleshoot an O2 Sensor?

Computer controlled vehicles use oxygen sensors to allow the computers to tune the engine for the most efficient operation and the lowest possible emissions. Volvo used the first oxygen sensor on a... Read More »