How to Troubleshoot a Transaxle?

Answer When the transaxle on your vehicle isn't working, your vehicle will not move. This is because the transaxle is what transfers power from the engine to the drive wheels. A transaxle is a combination... Read More »

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How to Troubleshoot a GM Transaxle on a 1990 Buick Century LTD?

The transaxle in your 1990 Buick Century integrates the transmission with the differential and the drive axle. If you notice your car making a lot of noise, slipping out of high gear, having troubl... Read More »

How Much Oil Is in a VW Transaxle?

Volkswagen Types 1 and 2, known respectively as the Beetle and the Bus, both integrated the transmission, differential and rear axle into a single compact unit called the transaxle. Type 1 and 2 t... Read More »

How to Know Your Transaxle is Bad?

The transaxle is a standard part of nearly every vehicle with a front-wheel drive system. Eliminating the need for a heavy drive shaft that transfers power from the engine to the rear wheels, the t... Read More »

What Is Transaxle Oil?

The transaxle is an automobile component that makes up the transmission and the differential gear. It is found in most front-wheel-drive cars and trucks. The components require lubrication in order... Read More »