How to Troubleshoot a Tractor?

Answer A tractor is a multipurpose vehicle that is used frequently in farming for both hauling heavy loads and for plowing, discing and seeding the land. Tractors are traditionally not very fast vehicles ... Read More »

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How to Troubleshoot a Tractor Fuel Gauge?

A fuel gauge on a tractor works the same as an automotive fuel gauge. The most important thing to remember is that the gauge and the sending unit must be a matched pair. For example, a Chevy gauge ... Read More »

How to Troubleshoot a Ford Tractor Transmission?

The transmission of a Ford tractor is responsible for the machine's power conversion process. The transmission can commonly fail due to a flywheel that needs repair or a faulty clutch shaft that re... Read More »

How to Troubleshoot the Air Brakes in a Combination Tractor-Trailer?

Air brakes work backward from the brakes found on cars and small trucks. The air brake system depends on air pressure to keep the brakes from closing on the brake pads. If the pressure fails, the t... Read More »

Tractor problem!! there is a old 3 wheel tractor on my farm from the coventry victor motor company?

It could be a 'Newman' - some of those had a Coventry Victor engine.See the link below, the second one in the list / photos, model Newman AN3.Edit - more pictures added, a large version of the firs... Read More »