How to Troubleshoot a Spark Plug?

Answer Spark plugs are a crucial part of ignition. Without properly functioning spark plugs, an engine may run poorly or not at all. It is simple to troubleshoot spark plugs, based on visual inspection an... Read More »

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How to Troubleshoot a Spark Plug Wire?

Automotive ignition wires typically have a solid copper core surrounded by several layers of insulation, and are designed to handle tens of thousands of volts. They transmit the electrical energy f... Read More »

How to Troubleshoot a GM HEI Distributor Spark Plug?

The distributor spark plug on a GM HEI distributor provides the electrical spark necessary to ignite the gasoline inside a combustion engine. However, if you're experiencing a rough idle or having ... Read More »

How do you troubleshoot bad spark plug wire symptoms?

If your vehicle is running rough, misfiring, is lacking power or hesitating, there is a possibility that the spark plug wires are at fault. This is generally the case with older vehicles that still... Read More »

How do I troubleshoot bad spark plug wire symptoms?

Rough idling and loss of power are symptoms and signs of bad spark plugs or spark plug wires.Troubleshooting spark plug wires is fairly simple and should be done before you look elsewhere for the s... Read More »