How to Troubleshoot a MacBook Boot Problem?

Answer The MacBook and MacBook Pro computers are laptops designed by Apple. Both have similar designs and troubleshooting techniques. One issue that can arise on a computer is the inability to boot from t... Read More »

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How to Boot a MacBook?

In certain situations, you may need to manually boot up your MacBook, such as when the MacBook doesn't turn on correctly, doesn't load the Mac OS or only partially loads some features. Other causes... Read More »

How do I use Boot Camp on a Macbook?

Open your "Applications" folder, then "Utilities" and finally "Boot Camp Assistant." Once you open Boot Camp, select and confirm the size of the Windows partition you want to use.Click on "Start th... Read More »

MacBook Will Not Boot & Only Makes Noises?

When you press its power button you expect your MacBook to chime, display the Apple logo, and boot up properly. When it doesn't, you can feel helpless: how can you figure out what's wrong if you ca... Read More »

How do I boot a MacBook Air from a USB external drive?

Booting from an External Hard DriveConnect the hard drive to the single USB port on the MacBook Air. If the drive requires external power, connect the power adapter to a wall outlet. Open "System P... Read More »