How to Troubleshoot a Leaking Oil Pan Gasket?

Answer The oil pan contains all of the engine oil. Sometimes seals and gaskets give way and leak. The oil pan gasket can be one such leak point, especially due to the large size of the gasket and its loca... Read More »

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How to Troubleshoot an Intake Gasket Leaking Coolant?

The intake manifold gasket helps keep coolant and oil from leaking out of the engine or seeping into the engine's combustion chamber and oil passageways. When these gaskets fail, coolant is allow t... Read More »

How to Fix a Leaking Thermostat Gasket?

The engine thermostat regulates the amount and speed of engine coolant that passes from the radiator into the engine passages. The thermostat closes, preventing water flow when the engine needs to ... Read More »

Signs of a Leaking Head Gasket?

Head gaskets form a seal from the head to the engine block. The head gasket is subject to numerous failures, including bursting at the edges, burning and separating at critical oil-and-water passag... Read More »

How to Tell if a Head Gasket Is Leaking?

Green or brownish coolant leaking from hoses or other engine components onto the ground can be the first sign of a head gasket leak. However, when coolant is leaking internally, it can be harder to... Read More »