How to Troubleshoot a Holley One-Barrel Carburetor?

Answer The Holley one-barrel carburetor is the simplest of the Holley designs, with one intake bore, one throttle plate and one fuel delivery system. Because of this simplicity, troubleshooting will take ... Read More »

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How to Rebuild a Holley 4-Barrel Carburetor?

The Holley carburetor is famous for its racing pedigree, but the modular design also makes it the go-to carburetor among enthusiasts. The modular design means that a 600 CFM (cubic feet per minute)... Read More »

How to Rebuild a 650 Four-Barrel Holley Carburetor?

The 650 CFM (cubic feet per minute) Holley carburetor has a special rebuild kit that replaces the metering block and base plate gaskets, all O-rings, the power valve and main jets (if you need to r... Read More »

How to Adjust a Two-Barrel Holley Carburetor?

The Holley two-barrel carburetor is designed with two adjustment screws located near the base of the carburetor. The curb idle speed screw allows for adjusting the RPMs to the correct level when th... Read More »

How to Rebuild an International Scout Holley Two-Barrel Carburetor?

Hard starting, rough idling, poor fuel mileage and hesitation under acceleration can all be attributed to a dirty or damaged carburetor. Rebuilding a two-barrel Holley carburetor is a fairly simple... Read More »